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Welcome to J.K.Children Academy

J.K.Children Academy in Moradabad

Manager’s Message

Dear Readers,
It is my previlege to welcome you to J.K.C.A. Education is the right of each and every child irrespective of caste, creed and religion. J.K.C.A. will ensure a congenial environment for all the student to trigger of their capabilities and potential not only in academic field but also in life values and vocational skills.
Education emerges and survives where everything else fails. It is priceless gift of wisdom, a gift more precious than any materialistic gain. In this endeavor the school is supported by out standing infrastructure where the classes, library and laboratories are well equipped.
J.K.C.A. is commited to growth, innovation and maintaining high standards of educational programmes mended with Indian cultural heritage as well as to excel in competitive global environment.
Believing in the precious saying of malcalno X, “ Education is our passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” I invite you to come and join us to touch greater heights.

Balram Singh

From The Principal’s Desk

Dear Readers,
We, at J.K. Childern Academy believe that if good values and spirit of service could be instilled in the students, they will become responsible citizens of tomorrow who can face all challenges in their lives. J.K.C.A. foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourage the students to achieve the physical strenght and creative arts which is a part of holistic education.
our school is providing robust and vibrant school education and stress free learning. The whole staff is advancing on the path of attaining excellence and competence by providing quality education as well as strong platform for the co- curricular activities. We expect our student to achieve the five D’s for quality of work-
     Dedication, Devotion, Discipline, Discrimination and determination. “ The essence of teaching is not in not in identifying winners out of ordinary people.”

Rajveer Singh

J.K.Children Academy in Moradabad
Deepansh Sharma

J.K.Children Academy has given me better chance of growth by improving quality of work by reducing time.This institute has given me satisfaction and it has acknowledged the high level of quality of training and support from staff.

J.K.Children Academy in Moradabad
Manshi Sharma

It plays a the major role . J.K.Children Academy gave me the base of my future.Faculty ,training and infrastructure help me a lot by solving my problem related to my future & my program.

J.K.Children Academy in Moradabad
Swati Gupta

They play a major role in learning software which are very important for future aspect.Curriculum is also very good.Faculty training aid and infrastructure are very good here.